Linden Ashby

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Interview by Christine Schmidt and Gaby Eichberger


Looking back on Linden’s long and varied career, Christine and Gaby had no problem coming up with enough questions to ask – limiting them to a manageable number, however, was more of a problem. In short, fun was had – and we were very happy that apparently Linden had fun answering, too.Recently, his character Sheriff Stilinski found out that Beacon Hill might give some people the smalltown blues and others the creeps. His son Stiles told him the truth about his friends and their „furry problem.“ On top of that, a bunch of supernatural creatures have decided to make Beacon Hill their home base.All Teen Wolf fans enjoy the father/son talks, mostly, because they put a big fat grin on our face. There is, however, also a lot of depth in the mix. Being a single parent of a teenage son and keeping supernatural creatures in check can be a rough job.It seems that his role as Sheriff Stilinski fits Linden Ashby like a glove. I’ve met him at Alpha Con and my impression was that he’s a likeable, uncomplicated, verydown to earth guy and awesome in his interaction with the fans. Talking to him feels almost like talking to an old friend. So we took the opportunity to ask him for an interview.
What was your first reaction when you heard you were going to be on Teen Wolf?
Have you ever watched the original movie? If so, did you expect the series to go in the same direction, when you auditioned?

For me, questions 1 and 2 really go together. Because yes, I had seen the original movie in the 80’s and I wasn’t all that excited to do a series based on that film.  Then I read the script and it was nothing like the film and more importantly, it was REALLY good! So… I wanted them, they wanted me, we made a deal, and… I couldn’t be happier!
How does working in such a “young” team compare to other projects you have been working on?

I love working with this cast!  The energy that they bring to what can sometimes be a boring process is amazing. And to to see this world, (the whole world) through their eyes… They keep me young!  And at the end of the day, these “kids” are really, really, good people. So… yeah.
Is this your first contact with the kind of fandom that Teen Wolf has? What is your impression of the fans?

No.  I was on Melrose Place back in the day.  And Mortal Kombat had/has its share of fans.  So, yeah.  I’ve been around it before.  And the nice thing is that I like the fans and I enjoy interacting with them.
How important is it for you to interact with the fans (at conventions)?

Haha!  We’re clearly on the same wavelength!  I answer a question and then I read your next one and…. Great minds think alike!I like the fans.  Or more to the point, I like these people, these individuals.  It’s so cool to be able to get this condensed, intense, up close and personal, interaction and exposure to so many different people.  I’ve met people at these conventions that I’ve really bonded with.  And while we don’t hang out every day, or chat on the phone, I feel like I know them.  We keep up online and I care about them and they care about me so…. Yeah, I like it.
There are very few single fathers portrayed on screen. You are a father yourself – do you think Sheriff Stilinski is doing a good job?

I think he’s like a real dad in that there are things he could do better and things that he does really well.  But for the most part, I think Stilinski is a really very good father.
If it’s not to personal a question, how difficult was it to bring up your two daughters with both parents in the business?

Well… It’s all we knew!  It was our life so it seemed normal to us.  They got to see the highs and they got to see the lows.  Neither of them have chosen to go into the business.  But they are both really good actors so…. You never know.   haha.
Action or drama – which do you prefer and which is more difficult to play?

In good action there’s drama.  And in good drama there’s acton.  Comedy is hard!
You have done work both on stories based firmly in reality and on the fantastic and the supernatural. Does the latter pose special challenges?

No, not really. Because in order for the fantastic to work it has to be treated as reality.
Looking back at your long career, which was the best moment?

Too many to count!
And the worst?

An experience with a crazy lady who wanted to start a production company… A long story… but it ended with her in the back of a police car.  That was the lowest point of my career but it was strangely cathartic.  Because after that I was afraid of nothing!
Do you have a special ritual to get into character and do you find it hard to leave your work at work when you go home?

I don’t have a dance or a chant or anything…. I find each character in different ways… And yeah, they do live in you and subsequently they come home with you, which can either be a good or a bad thing.  for me, it’s a personal process and I don’t talk about it very much… but yeah, they take root in you and you in them.
We’ve seen that you’ve studied psychology and business administration. Was that in any way helpful for your work as an actor?

Haha… It should’ve right?!   I should be good at business and good at reading people!… Clearly I should have studied harder!  haha.All kidding aside, it’s probably the jobs I had in construction, bar tending, working on ranches, working in shipyards.…  those are the things that probably helped me more.   I don’t know… I guess everything you do broadens your experience base and gives you more to draw upon as an actor.  So, yes!  It was probably helpful.
If someone came to you and ask for advice because they’re trying to get into acting, what would you say?

Go for it!  Study!  Work hard on your craft!  Do plays. Do student films. Stay true to yourself… Get out there and get to work!


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions in such an open and fun manner. It’s been an honor and a pleasure meeting you (from Gaby, the one half of our interviewing duo infernale) and it’s a shame we haven’t met yet (from Christine, the other half). We’re looking forward to Teen Wolf Season 4 and hope to get to see a lot more of Sheriff Stilinski and of you, Linden!


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