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We’re pleased to welcome our first female interview partner: Kim Rhodes aka  Supernatural’s Sheriff Jody Mills. We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!
Interview by Christine Schmidt, Silke Blume and Gaby Eichberger
If you weren’t an actress, what other profession would you be interested in (ANY other profession, regardless of probability or possibility)?

I actually am making my own feeble attempt at moving into writing. I love acting when I have something that really connects to my passion, humor or heart like Sheriff Jody. But a lot of the time these days, I just feel kinda underwhelmed. I wrote before I ever acted and I’m audacious enough to think there might be some possibility there for me. So I’m dabbling with a book, on yet ANOTHER rewrite of a television script, and spend waaaay too much time on my blog. Other than that, I know this is weird, but I think I’d make a good bartender.
Do you prefer playing good girls or bad girls? Is one easier than the other?

Usually the bad girls are written with more layers and nuance, so they are more fun. But the character I play on SPN is pretty much a classic good girl and she’s one of my two favorite television roles I’ve ever played. AND she’s not even one of the main characters.
Which of the many characters you’ve played so far has been your favorite and why?

Oh! Hey, look at that. Well, Sheriff Mills, because she’s got guns and balls of steel. I love her humor and confidence. And then years ago I was on an AMC show called THE LOT. It was about Hollywood in the 1930’s and I played a character named Rachel Lipton, loosely based on Carol Lombard. I loved her! She was sassy and smart and funny and ballsy…. and got awesome clothes.
How did you get the role of Sheriff Mills, what about the role appealed the most to you? And did you know Supernatural before you auditioned for the role?

They really didn’t seem to know what they were looking for initially. There were eight of us in the room, all shapes, ages and colors. The audition scene was where Sheriff Mills discovers her son is a zombie and has eaten her husband, then through the realization that he has to be shot. We were all sitting there when the casting director walked through and one of the women complained that there was no way to do that kind of scene in an audition. He shrugged and said, „It’s SUPERNATURAL,“ and kept walking. In that moment, I knew it was mine, I just had to fuckin‘ go for it. I did.
Which of the Supernatural episodes you’ve been in so far is your favorite and why?

„Slash Fiction“ hands down. I love Jim Beaver and this was the most we got to work together. Plus, I really got to discover a softer side of the Sheriff that was fun to play. It made for some lovely moments between them and I was really kinda hoping it would go further, but I’m grateful for what we got.
You’ve been to several conventions already. Did the positive reaction from fans to your character surprise you?

It did at first, but now I see how much love the fans have for the show and I humbly ride the wave. It’s so honest and genuine that it’s impossible NOT to be surprised a little though. The wonderful thing is knowing how easy it is to make somebody’s day. I was telling Gabe Tigerman at the BurCon, how could ANYBODY ever be an asshole to these fans, they are truly like a huge, crazy family.
Looking at fan convention footage, one can clearly see that you have a lot of talent as a comedian. Is that Kim the person or Kim the actress showing through?

Funny question. I definitely have a public persona, when I am aware that people are watching me and I have a responsibility to respond to that, but it’s not like I’m Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde. It’s always honest. I have tried in the past to develop what I thought would be an „appropriate“ actor type personality to project and I can’t do it. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Best and worst thing about conventions?

Best? Geeeze…. everything except the food. The fans are amazing, I am in love with all of my fellow castmates, and there is never a dull moment. Worst? Getting hungry at any point.
You’ve done several short films. Is that a format you especially like and if so, what’s the appeal?

Short films are unsung heroes of this business. They only exist to kinda get people practice and get people noticed. Like a director’s calling card. I like how succinct a short can be. A lot of features have to pad themselves and a short is like a perfect tune; you get the melody, the story, and you’re left humming something and wanting just a little more.
You’ve done voice over for the video game Star Trek: Away Team. How does that compare to your usual work? Was that a pleasant experience, or was it more of a challenge to only have your voice to express yourself?

I’ll be honest, that was so long ago I don’t even remember doing it. Sorry. I’ve auditioned for a few and it’s nice to not be told to „take it down a bit“. I tend to be, shall we say, verbally extreme and that lends itself to video games.
We’ve read that you also acted on stage for a season. Did you enjoy working in front of a live audience with its immediate feedback? Would you like to do it again? If so, do you have a dream role?

I actually acted on stage for many years before I did television. I started in the theater. If I could make a living at it, I would absolutely be doing it. The material is more my kinda stuff… I love Shakespeare. I really do. It is also so wonderful to have the people you are serving there and immediate. It makes it a moment that is unique. Each night is different. Plus, you know, you have an entire arc at once instead of stopping and starting like TV and film. It makes a big difference when you have to hit an emotional moment.
I would dearly love to play Beatrice in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING before I die. I fear I’m too old now, but I would like another stab at Viola in TWELFTH NIGHT too.
I don’t know if you’d feel comfortable sharing this with us, but is there a role you COULD have had, but turned down, which you now know you probably SHOULD have taken?

I wish. Nope, no stories like that. I don’t turn anything down. No, I turned down a movie years ago because the only reason I could see that the female character existed is so the bad guy had somebody to rape to show just what a baddie he was. No thank you. But puh-lease…. I’m leaving here to go audition for a regional car insurance commercial where I would say, „They’ve always come through for me.“ Few and far between are the actors that turn down roles because they lack artistic merit. And most of them have other jobs.
What do you do to unwind?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. No, I’m kidding. I write my blog. It’s been very therapeutic. And I take my dogs up in the hills to walk.
Can you spill the beans about recent and/or upcoming projects?

I would if I had any. Sorry. I’ve got my fingers crossed they need Sheriff Mills again, though. Write letters!


Many thanks!

Shortly after we did this interview Kim tweeted: No blog tonight. I’ve got three other projects going AND been cast in a movie with @samsmithtweets! Don’t hate us. It’s Ayn Rand.


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