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Interview by Christine Schmidt and Gaby Eichberger
Matt Cohen – he played the part of young John Winchester in SUPERNATURAL. The Karaoke Shows at Supernatural Conventions, together with Richard Speight Jr., have meanwhile reached something like cult status in the fandom. He radiates energy and good humor. He loves to interact with fans via Twitter or in person. He’s a celeb you can rub shoulders with. Literally.After AECON 4, we had the opportunity to do an interview with handsome and energetic Matt and were given a peek behind the scenes:MyCoven is very happy to have the opportunity of asking you a few questions. As a fan favorite, our members and all your other fans will be very happy to hear some insights directly „from the horse’s mouth“.
You studied Business at university. Does anything you learned there still help you in your job today?

Everything about University helps me today. Yes, I studied business, but the life lessons I learned are what I took with me. Things like how to live on your own responsibility and with no money. How to cope with loneliness and not having a shoulder to cry on. I recommend kids to go to university away from their homes so they can get used to not having their parents for everything. Also how to manage time and life’s schedule.
We love going to conventions. The fun, the madness, the embarrassment… But how does it feel on the „other side“?

I love it as much as the fans do. Myself and the guys look at it as a mini, very exhausting vacation. I enjoy meeting all the fans and hanging with them. The fandom really is a very special one.
Where do you find the energy to paint the town red like that on cons?

No matter how tired I am the fans drive me to entertain and perform. Also the fact that they paid to see me so I want them to leave with a great memory.
How did the collaboration with Richard and the karaoke madness come about?

It was one of my first cons in Jersey about 3 years ago and Rich told me he had to do this karaoke thing and asked if I could come along. Up until then karaoke had been pretty low key and a bit lame. We changed that in one night. We told everyone to get out of their chairs and come up to the front of the stage. We went into the audience and sang with them, we crowd surfed (not allowed anymore), I threw some chairs (also not allowed anymore), and we just made it a party. Since then the event has grown and continues to flourish.
Where do all the crazy ideas for the costumes come from? And whose idea was it to dress you up as cheerleader?

Rich and I go shopping together here in LA for our costumes and the ideas are a group effort with Rich, myself and CREATION. Rich and I pretty much get the final say, but we try and keep it super fun!
We really enjoy seeing how you bring your wife along to conventions. It is great that you can spend time together like that. How hard is it to maintain a good relationship with both of you working in the business?

My wife loves seeing the fans too. She wants to do an episode of SUPERNATURAL so she can be invited to the cons. Us being in the business and working constantly is not harder than any other relationship. If you love someone, then you bust your ass to make sure they feel loved all the time and then you will have a great relationship.
We love how much of yourself you share on Twitter and how you keep in touch with your fans that way. It feels like you are enjoying that a lot. What is the appeal for you? Do you get any negative fallout, like other VIPs do and how do you deal with that?

I have currently not had very much negativity thru social networks so I keep sharing. I really have never cared very much about what people said about me. I know I am always trying to do good and so I will not listen to the BS. The fans have really been there for me thru my career so far and I like them to know I am an average human so I let them into my life a bit with TWITTER etc.
Many people in the biz end up losing touch with reality. How do you keep yourself grounded?

I have a great team in LA professionally. I have an incredible family and friend circle that keeps me modest and loyal. That is all you need!
What is the best and what is the worst thing about being an actor?

Any actor that loves his or her craft will tell you, there are NO bad parts of being an actor. It is a lifelong adventure with no promises and that is exciting. Any day in which I get to play on a set or on a stage is a GREAT day.
Imdb says that all of the „South of Nowhere“ stars tend to appear in each other’s projects. Can you tell us something about how and why that is happening?

I think very simply because we all grew into such a great family that we want to work with each other often. We miss each other and have chemistry so why not?
You have coproduced „THE OUTSIDE“. How was that experience as compared to acting and are you looking to do more producing work in the future?

Producing, directing, acting, catering, I don’t care what it is. If it’s to do with the entertainment industry that I love so much I will try it. Producing and directing are both very fun. I enjoy putting on different hats throughout the creative process.
What was it that made you choose this project as co-producer? Do you have any surfing background?

I had a little surfing background, but more importantly it was Michael Graziadei. Mike and I did a movie called „BOOGEYMAN 2“ together and vowed that in one year from the wrap of that film we would do another film together. Well the time came and no one had cast us together so we had „THE OUTSIDE“ script and made it.
If you could choose, what kind of movies or series would you rather be a part of, romantic, scary, comical or action-type?

I have no choice, but really do enjoy bigger character pieces. Movies like Pirates, Le Mis, Harry Potter, things of that nature where you can dress up in a costume and lose yourself.
Speaking of movies or series, is working on a movie different from working on a series?

Working on a movie is very different from working on a series because of the time constraints put on a series. You typically have between 4-8 days to shoot TV depending on if its half hour or hour, whereas films you can generally take your time and not rush the process. Both are equally rewarding.
Do you have a dream project, be it as an actor or producer, that you would like to realize and what would that be?

I would love to tell my dad’s story of his life. He is a very interesting guy and I would love to direct and star in a Forrest Gump style life story of him.
What’s currently in the pipeline?

Too many things to talk about and nothing to brag about quite yet!


That’s it for today – thank you so much for taking the time to answer  these questions. We deeply appreciate it and are, of course, very much looking forward to your future projects.


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